Blog 4: What is social media?

What is Instagram and how to use it on reporting? Instagram is a social networking service owned by Facebook. As of February 2019, 67% of adults aged from 18 to 29 in the U.S. used Instagram, according to Statista. Moreover, “43% of female adults used Instagram compared to only 31% of adult men.” There are twoContinue reading “Blog 4: What is social media?”

Blog 3: What is social media?

What is Twitter and how to use it on reporting? Twitter is a social media platform that provides microblogging service for users, who can always interact with others through messages, known as “tweets.” Users can comment on their own tweets to post a thread. Only one in five American adults use Twitter, according to PewContinue reading “Blog 3: What is social media?”

Blog 1: What is social media and how to use it to reach more people?

The way of getting information has been changed a lot since the advent of social media. To get updated with what is happening globally, people will follow some official accounts on different platforms, which have become one of the most common ways for them to read news articles. Therefore, it is crucial for journalists toContinue reading “Blog 1: What is social media and how to use it to reach more people?”

When people need tobacco cessation services most, many have been suspended

The only group course open to the public in Columbia right now is MU Health Care’s “Quit Tobacco Now,” which met in person before the pandemic, said class facilitator Jenna Wintemberg, who is also a nationally certified tobacco treatment specialist.

Want to support Columbia businesses that are struggling through the pandemic and not leave your couch?

Virtual telethon to support downtown businesses set for Saturday.

Floy Brent expected equality, had a talent for being surprising

Floy C. Brent was a loving mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who supported and respected others’ decisions. She also had a great passion for seeing people be treated equally.

How I can keep healthy under stress

I felt so exhausted this week because there were so many things that happened, such as moving, which made me very busy this week. Under such intensity, I felt so stressed and was headache the whole weekend. I found that it was important for me to start self-care under such a stress. I turned toContinue reading “How I can keep healthy under stress”

MU students worry about safety, financial issues this fall

“Despite the precautions that the university has in place for classes, you don’t know who you can trust to be around,” said sophomore Hope Davis.