Speaking Startup: In a small town on the brink, entrepreneurs get creative

In Kimmswick, located about 25 miles downriver from St. Louis, two major festivals were canceled due to the pandemic, which account for 80% of the city budget. Mayor Phil Stang said the city will run out of money at the end of December. (I am super happy to get this story published. I was responsibleContinue reading “Speaking Startup: In a small town on the brink, entrepreneurs get creative”

Blog 12: What is social media?

How to attract people’s attention? Many news organizations use social media accounts to drive people to read their stories. However, it is not a easy thing because we only have seven seconds to grab people’s attention. This means that a person’s attention span is allegedly less than that of a goldfish: nine seconds. Meanwhile, itContinue reading “Blog 12: What is social media?”

Blog 11: What is social media?

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a visual discovery platform where users can find ideas for recipes, style inspiration and so forth. Users can save ideas they are interested in on Pinterest by using bookmarks, which are also called pins. Therefore, Pinterest users are also called Pinners. There are billions of pins on Pinterest, which users can save onContinue reading “Blog 11: What is social media?”

Blog 10: What is social media?

What is WeChat? WeChat is a Chinese messaging, social media and mobile payment app owned by Tencent, a Chinese multinational technology conglomerate holding company. It was launched in 2011, which is also known as Weixin in China. Since 2011, the number of monthly active users has increased from 2.8 million to 1.2 billion. WeChat isContinue reading “Blog 10: What is social media?”

Three seek 4th District seat in U.S. House

Three candidates — Republican incumbent Vicky Hartzler, Democrat Lindsey Simmons and Libertarian Steven Koonse — are seeking to represent Missouri’s 4th District in the U.S. House of Representatives for the next two years. https://www.columbiamissourian.com/news/elections/three-seek-4th-district-seat-in-u-s-house/article_1ee56868-08a9-11eb-8725-1b0b2e214fd8.html

Blog 9: What is social media?

What is YouTube? YouTube is a video-sharing platform launched in 2005. Available content includes video clips, TV drama, music videos, live streams, films and etc. Though most are uploaded by individuals, many media corporations, such as BBS and CBS, also upload videos regularly to this platform. YouTube had 2 billion monthly active users worldwide in 2019. The onlyContinue reading “Blog 9: What is social media?”

Blog 8: What is social media?

What is Snapchat? Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app developed by Snap Inc. The pictures and messages are usually only available for a short time and then will become inaccessible to their recipients. Compared to other social media platforms, Snapchat has younger users. The network reported 210 million daily active users towards the end ofContinue reading “Blog 8: What is social media?”

Blog 7: What is social media?

What is TikTok? TikTok is a video-sharing platform owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company. It is known as Douyin in China, which was launched in 2016 in China and became extremely popular in a short time. Outside of China, the app was launched in 2017. It is the most popular app in Asian countries. ThereContinue reading “Blog 7: What is social media?”

Blog 6: What is social media?

What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is different from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It is mainly used to develop professional connections, look for opportunities and apply for jobs. Users are primarily adults, according to Pew Research Center. About 70% of users live outside the U.S. Therefore, if you want to find a job abroad, LinkedIn is a goodContinue reading “Blog 6: What is social media?”

Blog 5: What is social media?

What is Facebook/Instagram Live and why is it important? Both Facebook and Instagram have Live features. Many national news outlets, such as The New York Times, sometimes use this function for communicating with their audience in real-time. Why is Live important? If journalists want to get people engaged with more people, it is crucial forContinue reading “Blog 5: What is social media?”