Study: MU researchers found flu shots decreases children’s COVID-19 symptoms

University of Missouri researchers recently found children who received seasonal flu shots suffer less from COVID-19 symptoms after infected.

Blog 14: What is social media?

Ethical issues of social media in journalism Nowadays, journalists get the public engaged via social media platforms. What journalists can say on their social media accounts can be both professional and personal. While many news organizations encourage reporters to use social media to build their brands, tweets or posts can put journalists on the spot.Continue reading “Blog 14: What is social media?”

Blog 13: What is social media?

How has the social media impacted journalism? Social media has played an increasingly important role in today’s society. It changes the ways that people communicate with each other and also gather information. Due to the change in the public, social media has a significant impact on journalism and journalists. According to the Pew Research Center,Continue reading “Blog 13: What is social media?”