Good research leads to good interview

Most of the time, the topics I work on were familiar to me. Unlike paid woMost of the time, the topics I work on were familiar to me. Unlike paid workers, who have their own beats to report, I am a General Assignment reporter. It means that I have to report issues from different topics.Continue reading “Good research leads to good interview”

Learn to improvise

Yesterday, I was faced with the toughest situation after I worked at Columbia Missourian. Clivia and I were doing a story about how international students were affected by the ICE policy. However, yesterday, the government rescinded this policy, which means all works we had done were in the wrong direction. But thanks to Katherine, ourContinue reading “Learn to improvise”

Tips for working for a complicated project

Today, I almost finished the new story about international students. Since last week, Clivia, my co-worker, and I have started to do research, find sources, and wait for the responses from both schools and the international center. This is our first time to work on such a complicated story. There are some tips for peopleContinue reading “Tips for working for a complicated project”

Lessons learned from in-person interviews

To be honest, I hadn’t been outside to attend events and interview people in-person for a long time due to COVID-19. I felt excited that I could restart in-person interviews and communicate with people face-to-face (with social distancing). There is a lesson I learned from one of the co-workers, Abby. When doing the stories aboutContinue reading “Lessons learned from in-person interviews”

Some thoughts on my first few stories

During my first few days working in Missourian, I knew many new things about professional news organizations. I also found that I still needed lots of practice if I wanted to become a professional journalist. As to the things I learned, an accuracy check is definitely the most essential one. Before this course, I absolutelyContinue reading “Some thoughts on my first few stories”