Lessons learned from in-person interviews

To be honest, I hadn’t been outside to attend events and interview people in-person for a long time due to COVID-19. I felt excited that I could restart in-person interviews and communicate with people face-to-face (with social distancing). There is a lesson I learned from one of the co-workers, Abby. When doing the stories aboutContinue reading “Lessons learned from in-person interviews”

Some thoughts on my first few stories

During my first few days working in Missourian, I knew many new things about professional news organizations. I also found that I still needed lots of practice if I wanted to become a professional journalist. As to the things I learned, an accuracy check is definitely the most essential one. Before this course, I absolutelyContinue reading “Some thoughts on my first few stories”

Healium wins Procter & Gamble Ventures Innovation Challenge

Here is a news story – Healium wins a chance to partner with Procter & Gamble to create a digiceuticals aisle in local drugstores. https://www.columbiamissourian.com/news/covid19/healium-wins-chance-to-partner-with-p-g-to-create-digiceuticals-aisle/article_0695e602-bc91-11ea-a535-dfac4984e7b2.html

Dumpsters will be placed near U Centre for tenants moving out later this summer

Here is the story that new dumpsters will be placed near U Centre for tenants moving out later this summer. https://www.columbiamissourian.com/news/local/dumpsters-will-be-placed-near-u-centre-for-tenants-moving-out-later-this-summer/article_02e8cad4-bb23-11ea-b8b0-4fbdcb403749.html

COVID-19 changes electric coop’s 82-year tradition for annual meeting

Here is my first published story after I worked as a summer reporter at Columbia Missourian. I forgot to make an appointment with my sources for an accuracy check but fortunately my source was available the whole day. But I believe I won’t make mistakes like this in the future. COVID-19 will force Boone ElectricContinue reading “COVID-19 changes electric coop’s 82-year tradition for annual meeting”