Distribution of Fake Vaccines in Uganda Undermines Trust in Government

The revealed distribution of false and substandard vaccines in Uganda has further undermined citizens’ trust in government and the vaccination process at the peak of a new wave of COVID-19, according to a local civil society leader. https://www.ptfund.org/distribution-of-fake-vaccines-in-uganda-undermines-trust-in-government/

Study: MU researchers found flu shots decreases children’s COVID-19 symptoms

University of Missouri researchers recently found children who received seasonal flu shots suffer less from COVID-19 symptoms after infected.  https://www.komu.com/news/covid19/study-mu-researchers-found-flu-shots-decreases-childrens-covid-19-symptoms/article_4a6f4992-7d19-11eb-968c-47b5272a0794.html