Blog 11: What is social media?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual discovery platform where users can find ideas for recipes, style inspiration and so forth.

Users can save ideas they are interested in on Pinterest by using bookmarks, which are also called pins. Therefore, Pinterest users are also called Pinners. There are billions of pins on Pinterest, which users can save on boards under specific headings. If users want to keep pins private, they can make their boards secret so that only they or anyone they invite can see those secret boards.

Click “Pin it” to save the idea

The number of monthly active users on Pinterest is 416 million. 71% of the users are females. In the U.S., 42% of female adults use the platform.

About 94% of social media marketers are using Pinterest because they know Pinterest is an effective platform for marketing. This is because nearly half of the users regard Pinterest as a platform for discovering and shopping for products. Almost all weekly users said they make purchase decisions on Pinterest. Therefore, there is no doubt that Pinterest is a good place for marketers to promote their products.

Pinterest is also one of the top 10 relevant brands to customers in the U.S. People said they came to Pinterest for ideas and felt inspired. Meanwhile, it is also a platform full of love, kindness and positivity. For example, when users search for depression, Pinterest will direct people to resources provided by experts to improve their mood. 

When users search for depression

To recap, Pinterest is a platform where people can get inspired by new ideas and positive content. It helps users engage with others in creative ways.

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