How I can keep healthy under stress

I felt so exhausted this week because there were so many things that happened, such as moving, which made me very busy this week. Under such intensity, I felt so stressed and was headache the whole weekend. I found that it was important for me to start self-care under such a stress.

I turned to many friends and asked for their tips to keep healthy. Here is what I got:

  • Keep exercising at least third a week
  • Stop working after 7 p.m. barring some special situations
  • Sleep at least 7 hours
  • Take rest, take rest, take rest
  • Watch TV shows that are funny and can help reduce the stress

These tips are easy but not easy to follow. Young people, including me, really like to stay up late, which is not a healthy habit. Therefore, I hope that I can develop good habits and keep healthy.

Published by Lgao

NBC News Asia Desk Fellow Reporter

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