Learn while writing stories

Writing stories is also a process of learning for me. Writing a marching band story, then I learn new knowledge about marching. Writing a vaccine story, then I know more opinions from different aspects and works done by the professional. Writing a voting story, then I know more about American voting system.

I also found that if I want to work in foreign countries, I have to learn a lot about foreign cultures, religions, politics, history and so forth. This is because when working, you always need to use the knowledge regarding native cultures. Also, only if you know more about the country can you know the way they think so that you can communicate with them without barriers.

I am still not sure where I want to work in the future. But I know that learning more is not a bad thing. Therefore, even though I won’t work in the foreign countries, I still will be curious about cultures from different countries and try to get in touch with people from different backgrounds.

Published by larissagao

Senior student majoring in Convergence journalism-multimedia producing at University of Missouri-Columbia; Former General Assignment reporter at Columbia Missourian

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