Lessons I learned from reporting a zoom meeting

Yesterday, I was assigned to report a live zoom meeting at night with one of my classmates. From my perspective, reporting a zoom meeting is much more complicated than reporting in an in-person meeting. Here are the challenges I met and some experiences about how I can report a zoom meeting better.


  1. Technology: Because of the internet connection, the speakers will freeze and we audience will miss some words.
  2. Anonymity: people from the public in zoom always use nicknames.
  3. Information: some meetings will have different sections, including a lot of information from various aspects. It is hard to summarize.

How I can do next time

  1. Before the zoom meeting, I should have thought that there would be speakers from the public. So, next time, I will email or call the organizer at first to see whether they have the information from the audience.
  2. This time I recorded the meeting as well as taking an excellent note. However, I will try to summarize the content of a section during the meeting.

At last, I want to thank my coworker. Without great teamwork, I cannot even imagine finishing this story in such a short time..

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