Bad luck week

This week lots of my stories have to be spiked due to various reasons. Tuesday, I got two budgets, reporting on a rally and a listening tour.

Tuesday night, I went to the place and prepared to report the rally. But because of the bad weather, there are few people and the organizer left without giving speeches. Then this story is spiked as it is not newsworthy.

I started to do another story about a listening tour. But I cannot contact any person involved in this meeting as they are not available. On Thursday, I got some responses in the late afternoon. I started writing and finished the story. But today, I was told that my story has been spiked because it is kind of late.

Although I am not lucky this week, I think I still learn a lot from it. In journalism, spiking stories is something that sometimes happens. So, I have to learn to give up my stories. Sorry for my story, but it is good for the whole news outlet.

Published by Lgao

NBC News Asia Desk Fellow Reporter

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