One Week Summary

I am not as busy as I was last week because I haven’t been assigned to so many different assignments but focusing on international students’ one big project. But I still have lots of harvests.

I was assigned a story about an event, and I couldn’t contact the source by the phone number left on the news release. But when I emailed the source, the source answered immediately and said I could call her personal phone number as the number on the news release was the desk number. Generally, the fastest way to get the interview is to call the source. But in some cases, emailing them could be much quicker as maybe they would give you personal phones.

Simultaneously, I need to improve my English because sometimes I would misuse the words. As a non-native speaker, I could not discern the slight differences between the words with similar means. But I think I have made a significant improvement since I went abroad to study. So, as a good learner, I believe I could make improvements in the internship-like course.

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NBC News Asia Desk Fellow Reporter

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