Lessons learned from in-person interviews

To be honest, I hadn’t been outside to attend events and interview people in-person for a long time due to COVID-19. I felt excited that I could restart in-person interviews and communicate with people face-to-face (with social distancing).

There is a lesson I learned from one of the co-workers, Abby. When doing the stories about the mask ordinance, every time she wanted to interview people, she would say “how is it going” at first instead of “Hi, we are reporters from Columbia Missourian.” I think this greeting would help us start conversations naturally. Next time, I will try to use this way to say hi to people.

Another thing that deserves to be mentioned is that it was my first time to attend events at night. I teamed up with Feiyu, my co-worker, to report the Fourth of July Fire in the Sky celebration. I was responsible for video stories, while Feiyu was responsible for shooting stills. We just realized that next time we needed to bring tripods because we held phones and cameras so long that our hands finally trembled uncontrollably. To ensure the quality of videos and photos, we’d better use tripods next time.

Though some videos are shaking all the time, I shot some pretty good video clips and posted them on twitter. The tweet is embedded below. Happy holiday everyone!

Published by larissagao

Senior student majoring in Convergence journalism-multimedia producing at University of Missouri-Columbia; Former General Assignment reporter at Columbia Missourian

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