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Hi, my name is Mingyue Gao, but you can call me Larissa. I am a student majoring in multimedia producing at University of Missouri-Columbia. The reason why I chose multimedia producing as my major is that I like digital storytelling. Since I was a pupil, I have had a great interest in everything about videos, like animation, films, reality shows, etc. I always dream of becoming a producer in the future. It is hard, but I am on my way!

Additionally, writing is also my favorite thing to do when I am free. I started to love writing after I read many books. My favorite novel has always been Pride and Prejudice because the love between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth touches me. One of the things on the to-do list of my life is to write a book like Pride and Prejudice, which could not only attract the readers but also educate them. Therefore, I love writing and practice occasionally. This summer, to make my writing skills better, I work as a summer reporter in Columbia Missourian to serve the community during this hard time. I will post some of my published works on this website and may share my experience with you about the challenges I meet.

As for hobbies, I like traveling, eating and lots of things (I like to try different exciting things). Another thing on my to-do list is traveling all around the world and eat tasty food from different countries. I know it is tough, even impossible. I never expect I could do this, but I want to visit as many countries as possible. So far, besides my homeland, China, I have been to Japan, Russia, The United States, The United Kingdom, Norway… If you have some recommendations, like your favorite place in your homeland, please tell me, and I would like to visit there in the future.

On this website, I will upload works I finished when taking classes and share my published words (and maybe some blogs about traveling). If you want to talk with me, you can leave the message on this website or DM me through social media handles. Every comment except hate comments is welcomed. I hope you could enjoy browsing my website! Thanks

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NBC News Asia Desk Fellow Reporter

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